Two New Books from Chris Webber '56

The Rev. Christopher Webber (Class of 1956) has two new books this fall. Webber is the author of more than two dozen books of history, theology, and poetry, has served parishes in New York and Connecticut and has also written several hymns. He moved to California a year ago and now assists at Incarnation and St. Luke’s, San Francisco.  

Dear Friends: Letters of St. Paul to Christians in America is based on Paul’s epistles but redirects them to Washington instead of Rome, Californians instead of Corinthians, Texans instead of Galatians, and so on. In these letters Paul takes on the issues of our day: Christian/Muslim relations, same-sex marriage, immigration, climate change, the death penalty, wealth and poverty. The basic question in all Bible study is “What does this say to us?” Here’s an attempt to answer that question very specifically. Not everyone will agree, but all will be challenged to think through these issues for themselves.

Also this Fall comes Give Me Liberty: Speeches and Speakers that Shaped American History. Not specifically theological, the book raises important issues for preachers as it tells how Americans dealt with slavery and abolition, equal rights for women, and wealth and poverty. “Preachers will note that Martin Luther King, Jr. took nine courses on preaching in seminary,” says Webber. “Great preaching doesn’t just happen! Daniel Webster, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and others worked very hard at crafting their message and it made a difference.”