GTS Students Attend Panel on Civil Discourse

Middler Ann Urinoski, Junior Curtis Kennington, and the Rev. Danielle Thompson attended a live viewing at the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society (DFMS) of The Episcopal Church's 2014 topical panel, "Civil Discourse: Finding Common Ground for the Greater Good." The panel was moderated by journalist Walter Raushenbush at historic Christ Church, Philadephia where more than two centuries ago, Americans of vastly different political and religious persuasions met to convene the Continental Congress. Panelists included university professors, religious leaders, and the coordinator of the popular Austin gathering, South by Southwest. Though each panelist brought his or her own perspective to questions about the state of civil discourse in our society today, all agreed that the challenges Americans now face to meaningful, transformative dialogue are great and must be addressed wholeheartedly.

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