Letters to the Board of Trustees from the Eight Former Faculty Members

There have been numerous questions and accusations regarding General Seminary's Board of Trustees' decision to accept the resignations of eight former faculty members. Provided below are the two letters sent to the Board from the former faculty members, dated September 17, 2014 and September 25, 2014. We believe the letters speak for themselves. The redactions are at the request of Counsel due to the pendency of the Independent Counsel’s investigation of the same allegations.

Read them below or download them here and here.

Letter dated September 17, 2014:

Sept 17 Letter
Sept 17 Letter p2
Sept 17 Letter p3
Sept 17 Letter p4 sig

Letter dated September 25, 2014:

September 25 2014 p1
September 25 2014 p2
September 25 2014_p3
September 25 2014 p4