Refectory Menu - Week of October 20 - October 24

Refectory menu for the week of October 20 - October 24: Monday 10/20

Beef enchiladas Vegetable enchiladas Arroz mojado Pisole Soup Guacamole Pico de gallo Spring mixed greens Cold cuts Fruit salad

Tuesday 10/21

Chicken cordon bleu Braised Brussel sprouts Saffron cous cous Wild rice salad Iceberg wedges w/ blue cheese Cold cuts Fruit salad  

Tuesday Dinner 10/21

Turkey meatloaf Twice baked potato Roasted vegetables Minestrone soup Barley salad Cobb salad Asst sweets  

Wed 10/22

Beef and broccoli Vegetable lo mein Sweet and sour tofu Vegetable dumpling soup Asian salad Chinese doughnuts Cold cuts Fruit salad  

Thurs 10/23

Chicken stew with biscuit Dirty rice Grilled veggies Manhattan clam chowder Ham and macaroni salad Corn bread Asst cookies  

Fri 10/24

Sautéed catfish w/ lemon capers Garlic mashed potatoes Corn and peas Beef barley soup Spinach lentils salad Mixed greens Cold cuts Fruit salad Asst cookies

The administrators of the Refectory meals have graciously agreed to provide Up Close with the menus the previous week. We will then post them to General Up Close ( so you can begin to plan your selections for the next week.