Refectory Menu - Week of October 27 - October 31

Refectory menu for the week of October 27 - October 31: Monday Chicken quesadillas Vegetable quesadillas Saffron 3 beans Steamed broccoli Guacamole Pico de gallo Mixed greens Beef and arugula salad Tomato soup Fruit salad Cold cuts Rice pudding


Tuesday Meatballs Linguine with garlic and oil Sautéed string beans Chick peas salad Mixed greens Creamy potato soup Fruit salad Cold cuts Assorted cookies


Tuesday Dinner Chicken portobello Potato medley Sautéed vegetables Black rice salad Spring mix salad Pound cake with cinnamon whipped cream


Wednesday Roasted pork shoulder Potato au gratin Baked cauliflower Tomato and beans salad Iceberg wedges Roasted corn chowder Fruit salad Cold cuts


Thursday Jerk chicken Cava bean peas and rice Mixed vegetables Cava bean salad Chicken coconut soup Mixed greens Cold cuts Fruit salad Apple crisp


Friday Fish and chips Mac and cheese Collard greens Corn bread Gumbo soup Cole slaw Mixed greens Fruit salad Cold cuts Carrot cake Assorted cookies


The administrators of the Refectory meals have graciously agreed to provide Up Close with the menus the previous week. We will then post them to General Up Close ( so you can begin to plan your selections for the next week.