Women of General Host Faith Metiaki

Women of General recently hosted Anglican Faith Metiaki at the Seminary. Faith was in New York to speak at the United Nation’s General Assembly about forced child marriage and its multilayered ramifications. She is also a recipient of the Diocese of New York’s Global Women’s Fund, which grants educational scholarships for Anglican women in the developing world. Faith has a remarkable and powerful story, which she also shared with us over lunch. She is from the Masai tribe in Kenya and ran away from home at age nine to a “safe house,” to avoid an arranged marriage, which in her culture is directly linked to female genital mutilation or circumcision. As Faith shared with us, having escaped what is considered to be a rite of passage in her culture, she is not considered to be a "woman" to this day. She has recently graduated University with a degree in International Relations and spends a significant amount of time speaking in the United States and Kenya, and to her native Masai tribe, about the importance of educating and empowering girls, and of changing the custom of forced early marriage and female genital mutilation. Faith also shared her long journey of reconciliation with her family. Faith is simply inspiring. For her, God is at the center of all that she has been through, all that she has achieved, and all that she aspires to. She shared with us her strong belief that “prayer is the world’s largest wireless connection.” Women of General is looking to establish a prayer circle through Faith's help with Anglican women in Kenya, and through which to also share our unique and common stories. As well, we are looking to launch a fund raiser for the Global Women’s Fund, in support of the Episcopal Church’s Millennium Development Goal to promote gender equality and to empower women.