Scholarly Journal Call for Papers on Sacred Places, Sacred Journeys

Are you doing scholarly work on religious practices related to the themes of place, space, pilgrimage, or displacement? You may want to consider submitting an unpublished paper to Practical Matters, Emory University's journal on religious practice and practical theology. The journal is currently seeking submissions on "Sacred Places, Sacred Journeys" for its 2015-2016 publications. The Call for Papers provides some additional information for those interested:

The journal will feature articles on religious place-making, sacred spaces, and displacement as religious practices. Potential topics range from official religious architecture to the establishing of (unofficial) home shrines, from the experiences of hajji to the reproduction of holy sites in local communities, from the sales of earth gathered from sacred sites to the use of water from local shrines as radiator fluid, from scarification as a way of mapping the cosmos onto the body to accounts of the cosmos in images of the body, from pilgrimages willingly undertaken to the displacement of religious communities.

Contributions may be from any religious tradition or scholarly discipline. The journal specifically seeks to promote interactions between the academy and religious practitioners. The call will be open until June 2015.

For more information on submission instructions, please see the Practical Matters website.