A New Book from Michael Bickford '08

Bickford book coverThe Very Rev. Michael Bickford, Class of 2008, and Founding Dean, St. Aidan's Institute for Christian Formation and Leadership in Massachusetts, has a book coming out. Now available on Amazon, Everyone Dies, But Not Everyone Lives: Developing a Personal Rule for Life, the book explains the concept of a Rule for Life and then leads readers through a series of exercises to help them develop their own personal Rule. The book posits that Death is inevitable, but a meaningful life is not. Beginning with an understanding that many people spend their entire lives focused on the needs of the moment and give little thought to the bigger issues of life and purpose that matter more, Bickford guides the reader through the process of developing a personal “Rule for Life” – a set of named values, disciplines, and practices that provide the structure for Christian spiritual growth that most people lack in the midst of a secular and fast-paced culture.

Along the way, the book covers the concept of what a worldview is and how to develop a Christian one; it develops an understanding of “wholeness” as an alternative to “maturity;” and it shows how important it is to not compartmentalize life and faith.

Bickford lives with his family in New England and you can find more of his work on his blog at TruePilgrim.com.