General Seminary Guild Chiefs and New Members Commissioned


On February 4, in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd at The General Theological Seminary, the Very Rev. Kurt Dunkle, Dean and President, commissioned new guild chiefs and members of the Guild of Precentors, Guild of Chimers, and Guild of Sacristans for 2015. Pictured are Gretchen Creel, Chief Precentor; Henry Tuell, Chief Chimer; and Ann Urinoski and Charlie Bauer, Co-Chief Sacristans. Also commissioned were new chimers Alissa Goudswaard Anderson, Cathleen Dunkle, Curtis Kennington, Deborah Lee, Jennifer Oldstone-Moore, Chris Oldstone-Moore, Hailey Robison, Libbie Schrader, and Ali Van Kuiken; new Sacristy day captains Lisa Busby, Jennifer Oldstone-Moore, and John Shirley; and new sacristans Alissa Goudswaard Anderson, Michael Horvath, Sarah Hedgis, Nancy Hennessey, Matt Jacobson, Vicki McDonald, Sharon Sutton, and Casey Woodruff.

Outgoing Chief Precentor Austin McGehee, Chief Chimer Matt Welch, and Chief Sacristan Hershey Mallette have worked tirelessly over the past year in their posts and were congratulated on their jobs well done!