Lent Madness 2015: Vote for Jackson Kemper on March 4!

The popular Lenten devotional series Lent Madness returns again this year, and beloved son of GTS, Bishop Jackson Kemper, is one of this year's nominees! Lent Madness is a Lenten educational and devotional series, intended to promote awareness of the lives of people commemorated in the Episcopal Church's calendar of saints. Each day during Lent, two saints match up against each other, with biographical information, stories, and even "saintly kitch" presented. Everyone is allowed a single vote for the saint each day who most moves you, or is simply your favorite!

On March 4th, Bishop Jackson Kemper is matched up with Margery Kempe. Bishop Kemper was named a trustee of GTS in 1820, and later served as missionary bishop in several states in the Midwest, eventually serving as Bishop of Wisconsin. Don't forget to vote on March 4th, and check Lent Madness every day to learn more about those who have gone before us in faith!

For more information and to vote, visit www.lentmadness.org.