Community Time - Episcopal Relief & Development and Ghana

Join us at 1:30 PM on Tuesday, March 17th in the 21st St. Room for a discussion of the work and mission of Episcopal Relief & Development led by our seminary Network Coordinators Ann Urinoski and Charlie Bauer. Charlie will also share stories from his trip last month to Ghana, where he went on a pilgrimage with Episcopal Relief & Development staff members and other leaders and seminarians throughout the church to experience the work of Episcopal Relief & Development firsthand.   Episcopal Relief & Development, which is currently celebrating its 75th anniversary year, works in over 40 countries throughout the world, directly affecting the lives of over 3 million people. In living out the mission of the church through "Healing a Hurting World," Episcopal Relief & Development seeks to alleviate hunger, create economic opportunities and strengthen communities, promote health and fight disease, and respond to disasters and rebuild communities.


Charlie spent 10 days in February, traveling throughout Ghana to observe eight development sites, primarily focused on improving the lives of women. These development projects span all areas of the work of Episcopal Relief & Development, including the Nets for Life project to promote health and fight malaria, several projects to improve food supplies and processing of local crops, and programs such as Donkeys with Ploughs that seek to provide new and improved economic opportunities for women farmers. The pilgrimage also explored the history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade that primarily centered on what is now Ghana, visiting a slave camp in the north and several slave forts along the Atlantic coast. Charlie will share stories and photographs from his journey to illustrate the work being done and the relationships forged through the mission of Episcopal Relief & Development.