Elizabeth Schrader '15 to Present Paper at SBL Annual Meeting

Bible Verse

Elizabeth Schrader, an M.A. student at The General Theological Seminary, has been accepted to present a paper at the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. Schrader will be presenting in the Johannine section of the conference whose mission is to "address issues and concerns having to do with the analysis and interpretation of the Johannine literature."

The title of Schrader's paper is "Was Martha of Bethany Added to the Fourth Gospel in the Second Century?" In the paper she suggests that the Lukan figure of Martha was not present in an earlier version of the Fourth Gospel that circulated in the second century, due to the dozens of manuscript variants and patristic quotations where Martha's presence is uncertain. Schrader concludes by suggesting that Martha’s presence in the Fourth Gospel could be a deliberate deflection of attention away from the figure of Mary of Bethany.

The SBL Annual Meeting will be held November 21-24, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia, and is the largest gathering of scholars interested in the study of religion in the world.