General Seminary Holds 193rd Commencement [PHOTOS+VIDEO]


The General Theological Seminary held its 193rd Commencement on May 20, 2015. Twenty-seven women and men received degrees, diplomas, and certificates conferred by the Seminary's Dean and President, the Very Rev. Kurt H. Dunkle. The Seminary’s honorary doctorate was conferred on the Rt. Rev. Allen K. Shin '96, Dr. Jennifer Te Paa Daniel, and the Rt. Rev. Robert Christopher Wright. Read more about the honorary doctorate recipients here.

To download a high-resolution picture of the Class of 2015, click here.


A video of the Commencement may be seen here:

Commencement 2015 at The General Theological Seminary



Certificate in Anglican Studies

Jennifer Lee Oldstone-Moore

Certificate in Spiritual Direction

Marilyn Ayres McMillan* Deborah Rogers James Richard Sadler*† Dawn Stegelmann*

Certificate in the Spiritual Guidance of Children Marion Fluchère† David John Gaeth

Diploma in Anglican Studies

Maryel Eleyda Girón Sarah Emily Hedgis Anne Bowie Snodgrass Alexandra Michele Steed Van Kuiken

Master of Arts

Marilyn Ayres McMillan* James Richard Sadler*† Elizabeth Brooke Schrader cum laude Peter Charles Secor

Master of Divinity

Lisa J. Busby cum laude Kathleen Erin Killian Jesse Williams Lebus Hershey Andrael Mallette Andrew Austin McGehee James Michael Miller cum laude Matthew Harris Welch

Master of Sacred Theology

Erin Lin Betz Shank† Benjamin James Brenkert† Matthew Paul Buccheri Lisa Posey Krakowsky Jason Alder Poling Aaron William Smith† Dawn Stegelmann*

Doctor of Theology

Shane Scott-Hamblen

Doctor of Divinity(honoris causa)

Jennifer Louise Te Paa Daniel Allen Kunho Shin Robert Christopher Wright

*Received both a Certificate or Diploma and a Master’s level degree †Conferred in absentia