General Voices: Why I Stand with The General Theological Seminary - The Rev. Canon Daniel Ade


The Very Rev. Canon Daniel Ade ’92

Dean and Rector, St. John’s Cathedral, Los Angeles Member, Board of Trustees of The General Theological Seminary

Last winter when I told people I was newly elected to the Board of Trustees of General Seminary, they were incredulous. Why in the world would I want to do that? My spouse had the same reaction when I told him I had accepted a request to be the head of an ad hoc committee for alumni relations from the Board. I sometimes ask myself the same question.

Last year was a painful year in the life of this seminary. I continue to share the same frustrations, questions, heartache and disbelief many other alumni have experienced over events that nearly tore General apart. But, at the end of the day, the Seminary has survived. I remain committed to rebuilding General because I am grateful for the generations of those, both lay and ordained, who came before us and who committed their lives to form ministers of the Gospel in this place. I remain committed to rebuilding General because of those who committed themselves to form priests like me in the beauty and depth of the Anglican tradition – something I very much needed when I arrived on the close many years ago. These valuable gifts must continue to form the life of the Church.

Many of us experienced hearing, or reading Hershey Mallette’s powerful sermon this year on graduation morning: “God is not a microwave; and the healing that God gives us is never instantaneous and never at our own bidding.” If General is to experience God’s healing, it will take repentance, truth-telling, and a commitment to God’s future – from all of us.

I am committed to the mission of General Seminary to form ministers for God’s Kingdom in the 21st century. I believe in its unique role as a progressive witness to the Gospel grounded in the catholic tradition and our Anglican heritage in the midst of the City of New York. Last year was upsetting – but it was one year out 198. We have weathered storms in the past and I pray and believe that with God’s help we will weather this one as well.