In Celebration: Journeys Unlimited


With deep gratitude, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Journeys Unlimited Holy Land Travel Prize. For two decades, founder Nick Mancino has quietly donated this ten-day tour of the Holy Land to award a graduating senior with proven aptitude in Biblical Studies. The tour follows the footsteps of Jesus from the north of Galilee to Jerusalem in the center and south to the Dead Sea. General considers global engagement an important dimension of our mission. Cross-cultural exposure, including study in other parts of the world, is a vital dimension of seminary formation. We could not do it without the support of partners like Journeys Unlimited.

This year’s winner was M.A. recipient Elizabeth Brooke Schrader, who will take the tour while continuing studies at General toward her S.T.M. degree. Schrader will also be presenting her paper, “Was Martha of Bethany Added to the Fourth Gospel in the Second Century?” at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting in Atlanta this fall.

The mission of Journeys Unlimited is to serve the Church through travel. Founders Nick Mancino and Ray Masillo each began their ministry in travel in the 1960s and joined together in 1990 to form Journeys Unlimited. Since its inception, Journeys has served the Christian community with tours for churches of all denominations and from most states, and has become one of the region’s top tour operators. They now offer destinations which include Ghana, China, Australia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Italy, England, Germany, and Poland. In addition to scheduled offerings, and keeping abreast of important Christian gatherings worldwide, they serve travelers with custom tours to many spiritual conferences, special events, and celebrations of faith.

Mancino was received into The Episcopal Church in 1983 and has been a member of St. Paul’s Church in Brooklyn ever since.  He remembers having the pleasure of meeting Bishop Orris G. Walker when he was elected Bishop of the Diocese in 1991. They had many discussions, during which he learned that Bishop Walker liked to travel “and we shared the vision that through travel peoples’ perceptions would be expanded.”

In 1994 Mancino had the pleasure of meeting Prof. J. Robert Wright, “who subsequently escorted several groups traveling with us. As we got to know each other, we discussed the need for everyone studying to become a pastor to visit Israel, the Holy Land, to enhance their ministry.” From this, Mancino reports the idea of giving a travel prize was born. The mission of Journeys Unlimited, “serving the church through travel” aligns wonderfully with General’s commitment to the vitality of global engagement to formation.

Mancino says that Journeys Unlimited “feels passionately that every Christian should visit the Holy Land, as it brings the Bible to life. A visit to the Holy Land is a journey that will broaden a seminarian’s ministry.”

Journeys Unlimited offers both fixed departures and tailor-made programs designed to meet group needs. Further information is available on their website: