Miguel Hernandez ’13 Supports West Orange Latinos at Holy Trinity Parish


The Rev. Miguel Hernandez (Class of 2013) was recently featured in the Essex News Daily for his work supporting the growth of Hispanic entrepreneurs in West Orange, New Jersey. Hernandez is Priest-in-Charge at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, home to the West Orange Hispanic Foundation established by Deputy Mayor Rodolfo Rodriguez and downtown business owner Ysabel Strowe to help township Latinos learn how to set up a local business and assimilate into the community. Hernandez is also a member of the Hispanic/Latino Commission Ministry in the Diocese of Newark. Hernandez is also an Adjunct Professor at The General Theological Seminary as well as an instructor and member of the Board of Directors of the Newark School of Theology. He offers a class in English as a Second Language as well as a Mass in Spanish at Holy Trinity. As Hernandez explains, “A lot of people are happy to hear that, for the first time, they can come to a place where they can learn English…where they can get some support, and where they can come for Spanish services, because they did not have that in West Orange. This will help them to stay local.”

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