Andrew Durbidge ’14 Appointed Real Estate Manager for the Diocese of Long Island


The Rev. Deacon Andrew Durbidge, Class of 2014, has been appointed Real Estate Manager for the Trustees of the Estate Belonging to the Diocese of Long Island. The Rt. Rev. Lawrence C. Provenzano, Bishop of the Diocese of Long Island, announced the appointment effective June 10, 2015. Prior to discernment for ordination, Durbidge was founder and principal partner of a real estate consulting business based in Sydney, Australia, that provided development and project management services for a range of non-profit organizations, including the Anglican Diocese of Sydney.

In this newly created diocesan position, Durbidge will serve as principal project manager and advisor to the Trustees for diocesan properties under their current or future management. He will also be a resource for diocesan parishes that are reimagining their facility needs; develop educational curricula for parish property administration and development; create a Parish Facilities Audit process; and provide support, encouragement, and direction for parishes.