Join the Guild of Sacristans


As we all prepare for the start of the semester, we encourage you to join our Guild of Sacristans!

Each of us as sacristans has gained so much practical experience for our future ministries in our service in the chapel - we could not imagine serving the church, ordained or lay, without this experience.

Previous experience is not necessary; learning on-the-job is a guild tradition! In the past, it has been customary to sign up for one day a week, but even just serving in the sacristy one service a week is a great learning experience and a gift to the community! This semester, Monday mornings and Friday evenings will be covered by new non-Guild groups, so those days require only light commitment.

We are in particular need for new members to the Guild, as all of the seniors will be serving in Wisdom Year placements.

Please contact Ann Urinoski and Charlie Bauer, Co-Chief Sacristans ( to join the Guild.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Chapel of the Good Shepherd and hope to see


of you serving as


this semester!