2015-2016 Elected Officers of GTS Community Council


Dear friends,

Please joining me in thanking the current officers of the GTS Community Council that have served so faithfully during this past year. Please take an opportunity to personally thank them for their service.

We have an election of officers of the Community Council for the 2015-2016 year, and they are the following:

President-  Michael Horvath

Vice-President- Jo Ann Jones

Secretary- Sebastian Morris

Junior Class Representative- Spencer Cantrell

Middler Class Represenative-Vickie McDonald

Senior Class Representative- Nancy Hennessy

MA Student Representative- Elaina Sherrill

Advanced Degree Student Represenative- Valerie Bailey-Fisher

Commuter Student Represenative- John Garry Edwards

Parent Represenative- Shana Kaplanov

Spartner Representative- Sellers Kennington

These individuals will officially be installed on Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 9:50am Holy Eucharist.

Thanks be to God for their willingness to serve. Please join me in prayer for them and their ministry of servant leaders.

Please contact me should have any questions.

In Christ,

Tommie Watkins, Jr.

2014-2015 GTS Community Council President