Refectory Menu - Week of February 8

Refectory MenuFebruary 8-12

Monday Chicken Dijon Pomme puree Glazed carrots White bean, cabbage, and ham soup Sandwiches Salad Fruit Dessert

Tuesday Mixed berry stuffed French toast Poached eggs with ratatouille Hash browns Chicken sausage Salad Fruit Dessert

Tuesday Dinner Buttermilk pancakes Buckwheat pancakes Syrup, Rhubarb compote, Whipped cream Sunny side up eggs Biscuits and marmalade Bacon Salad Fruit Dessert

Wednesday Roast pork loin Crushed potato Braised red cabbage Mushroom soup with chestnut dumpling Sandwiches Salad Fruit Dessert

Thursday Beef enchiladas Bean and corn enchiladas Mexican rice Tomatillo salsa verde Guacamole Carrot and coriander soup Sandwiches Salad Fruit Dessert

Friday Miso salmon Fried rice Vegetable medley Hot and sour soup Sandwiches Salad Fruit Dessert