A New Call for Barrie Bates '04


The Rev. Dr. J. Barrington Bates, Class of 2004, joined St. Peter’s, Essex Fells, New Jersey, in September 2015 as their new Interim Rector. Born in Philadelphia, and brought up in the Methodist Church, he was confirmed in The Episcopal Church when he was an undergraduate in Boston. Ordained at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, Bates has served Anglican and Lutheran congregations in California, New York, and New Jersey, after a career in information technology. Bates also serves as editor of church reviews for the journal Anglican and Episcopal History, chair of the Christian Worship team of the General Ordination Examinations, and convener of the Liturgical Language Seminar of the North American Academy of Liturgy.

He is the author of sixteen articles in scholarly journals, as well as numerous book and church reviews, blog postings, and minor publications. He lives in Jersey City, New Jersey, with his spouse, James MacKenzie.