Chimes on Hoffman Days


Hoffman Days In case you were wondering why there has been some extra chiming from the Chapel of the Good Shepherd...

The Guild of Chimers is responsible for playing our Seminary's historic chimes. The tower contains a set of 15 tubular chimes, manufactured in 1922 by the Walter H. Durfee Company of Providence, Rhode Island. The chimes are rung mechanically each morning and evening, where they are heard throughout Chelsea. The chimes call the Seminary together for our corporate worship.

By order of the Trustees, the chimes are rung on October 6 and February 18, for the anniversaries of the deaths of Glorvina Russell Hoffmann and Samuel Verplanck, the parents of Dean Hoffman. The chimes are also rung on March 21, the birthday of Eugene Augustus Hoffmann, Dean of the Seminary for twenty­three years, and on March 15, the birthday of Mary Crooke Hoffmann, his wife. Chimers gather to play and celebrate our tradition & wonderful carillon.

We used to gather the whole guild in the chime room and play for 1/2 an hour with a very wide birth on what could be played; classical, popular, sacred, cartoon theme songs, we did it all.  It was a lot of fun.

- Fr. Kevin Moroney, Professor of Liturgics


Hoffman Days?

February 18 ­ Glorvina Russell Hoffmann, Anniversary of her Death

March 15 ­ Mary Crooke Hoffmann, Birthday

March 21­ Dean Eugene Augustus Hoffmann, Birthday

October 6 ­ Samuel Verplanck, Anniversary of his Death