Easter Singers in the Chapel


Greetings to all in the GTS community in this blessed Easter Week! I propose assembling interested singers to perform an anthem during the distribution of Communion at the 5:30 p.m. Liturgy the Tuesdays in Paschaltide for the remainder of this term, that is:

  • Easter Tuesday, March 29: “Regina Coeli laetare,” plainchant & Adriaen Willaert
  • Tuesday of Easter 2, April 5: “Jesus Prayer,” Alfred Schnittke & Ukrainian traditional 
  • Tuesday of Easter 3, April 12: “Agnus Dei,” William Byrd (Mass for 4 voices)  
  • Tuesday of Easter 4, April 19: "We know that Christ is raised," David Hurd 
  • Tuesday of Easter 5, April 26: "O Jesus, hope of the despairing," J. S. Bach

(Whether we would sing Tuesday, May 2, which is a Reading Day following the last day of classes, or whether we might sing on Ascension Day, May 5, or neither, or both, is a matter we can discuss once we get started.  Either way, this would work for the anthem: "Lord, thou hast told us," Arnold Bax)

Schola Cantorum singers, of course, and the Precentors are the likeliest suspects for this project, but I hope others who gather for the GTS Community Eucharist may consider joining in, students, faculty, staff, and spouses.  Some friends from the Canby Singers are standing by to reinforce us (except for April 19, when they are leading a sing-along event uptown).

Each Tuesday's rehearsal and anthem performance schedule is self-contained, that is, you are not required to commit to all five Tuesdays in order to sing on the Tuesdays you are available.  In order to fit complicated schedules, you may choose from any of three rehearsal slots (Monday 1:15 to 1:45, or 4:45 to 5:15, or Tuesday 4:30 to 5:00).  We should be able to pull each anthem together with at least one rehearsal and a general warm-up Tuesday 5:00 to 5:15 before the Eucharist begins at 5:30.

Please let me know (pyx2go@msn.com or 646-387-0867) which Tuesdays you plan to sing and which rehearsal times work for you.  I will respond with the location suitable for the number rehearsing.  I am eager to work with you, enlarging our corporate prayer with choral music.

Kelly-Ray Meritt


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