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Dear Colleagues, This year we are again working with a collaboration of Southern California Universities to put together the conference, "Emerging Tools For Innovative Providers: Challenging Cases, Learning from Spirituality and Health Research".  We are trying to reach anyone who may be interested in a discussion of recent developments in this arena, particularly as they have practical applications. Please assist us by sharing this information within your organization, among your colleagues, or students who may have special interest in an integrative whole-person approach to care.

We have been fortunate to assemble some of the most high profile speakers around the country to address the need to translate spiritual and health research into clinical practice. This research applies to a wide range of healthcare administrators, nurses, psychologists, chaplains, clergy, social workers, educators, therapists, counselors, physicians, criminal justice workers, and other caregivers.

This is a working conference where participants help answer the question, “How do we apply findings emerging from the latest spirituality and health research to meet the needs of specific populations?” This includes interdisciplinary speakers—Harold G. Koenig, MD, Everett L. Worthington, PhD, Elizabeth Johnston-Taylor, PhD, RN, Kenneth T. Wang, PhD, and Julienne Bower, PhD—who will be addressing the theory and science, including neurology and psychoneuroimmunology (mind/body relationships), as well as the practical applications for how these disciplines are naturally complementary with spiritual care. 

July 25-29, 2016

Fuller Theological Seminary

Graduate School of Psychology

Pasadena, CA



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Marcela Sagot ETIP Coordinator,

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