News from our Dean

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Dear members of the General Seminary community,

A little while ago, I shared the good news of our appointment of 

Michael DeLashmutt, PhD

 as our new Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs.  Early next week, I will share more good news of the appointment of a full-time, residential 

professor of liturgics

.  But right now, I want to make sure we also turn our attention to transitions of farewell, graduation, and return of our alumni.

Professors Owens and DeChamplain

On Monday

 of Graduation Week we have an opportunity to give thanks for the years of ministry of the Rev. Dr. Robert Owens and the Rev. Dr. Mitties DeChamplain at General Seminary.  As Professor Owens continues to venture into retirement and Mother Mitties continues her priestly ministry into new settings, we will honor and celebrate their time with us.  I hope everyone can join them to mark this significant progression into the next phases of their lives.

On Monday, May 9 at 5:30pm during 


, in addition to the blessing of rings and crosses, Professors Owens and DeChamplain will be recognized, honored and we will all have an opportunity to give God thanks for their ministries here.  Thereafter in the Refectory, we will celebrate their combined decades of service to several generations of students with a

 festive reception 

with some testimonials.  Both will be present and participating at graduation, but you may want to use this opportunity to spend time of thanksgiving with each of them 

on Monday


Graduation Week

Also, Graduation Week is upcoming.  To mark the beginning of this transition, 

Tuesday, May 10 at 5:30pm


Baccalaureate Evensong

.  Professor DeChamplain will preach and Professor Owens officiate.  Our honorary doctorate recipients, the Rt. Rev. Santosh Marray, Dr. Gary Shilling, and the Rev. Becca Stephens, will be present as will our graduates and their families.  A lovely reception and dinner follows with brief addresses by each of the honorary degree recipients.  If you have not yet done so, you can still RSVP for the reception and dinner here:

  Please respond by 

Monday May 2


Wednesday, May 11

 is graduation day with Morning Prayer at 


, the 

Graduation Eucharist

 thereafter (approximately 


) with the Bishop of Newark Preaching Prize recipient, graduating senior Ann Uninowski, preaching.  A breakfast in the Refectory follows with graduation beginning at 


 to which all are invited.  A reception on the Chapel Lawn follows.

Alumni Gathering

May 9 and 10

 also brings a renewed Alumni Gathering, recently moved from the late fall to this new time.  Coupled with Graduation Week and our May Board of Trustees meeting, we will welcome alumni back to the Close beginning with the 


 Evensong.  Please make sure to make a special effort to introduce yourself to everyone you see on the Close.

The calendar is designed to give alumni opportunities to re-connect with one another and with their 

alma mater

.  Here are some of the offerings to which everyone is invited:

-  On Tuesday morning at 9:50am during the Alumni Memorial Eucharist, we honor our own Paula M. Jackson '85 with the Distinguished Alumni Award. This leader has had a life-long service of bringing the Kingdom closer to those who have been ignored by society.  She has had a particular focus on welcoming our immigrant brothers and sisters and will be our preacher for that Eucharist.
-  Later in the day Professor Michael Battle will offer reflections on today’s relations between The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.  He speaks from a global perspective.
-  Then, as a special offering late on Tuesday afternoon in the Keller Library, the Rt. Rev. David Hamib, lead bishop in the Church of England for pastoral oversight of the CofE churches in Europe, will present deployment opportunities available to recent and retiring alumni throughout Europe.  The opportunities for service in Europe are particularly intriguing for alumni entering retirement or those wanting a change of pace.  Those beginning or in the midst of ordained service may also find this unusually tempting!

So, I hope you will make sure to be present for the some or all of the re-designed Alumni Gathering.  If you are a student, see what you have in store!

That’s all for this week.  Blessings as we all enter the the home-stretch of a very fine year.