"Intercultural Learning" Briefing Report - Rev. Fredrick Okoth

To the GTS community, in advance of his presentation fulfilling the requirements of his SCOM grant:


Intercultural learning at St Philips parish Harlem New York between May 22 and June 19, 2016

Briefing Report

I thank the Almighty God, and the SCOM grant committee in partnership with the General Seminary’s Dean and faculty, for giving me an opportunity to take part in an intercultural learning. Thanks to the Interim Rector and the vestry Board of the St Phillip’s church for allowing me to learn with them.

It was an honor to interact with the church’s community groups, such as the intercultural committee, women’s committee, Ecclesia outreach and the volunteer ministry to the homeless- shelter among others, especially within such a multicultural setting. Having the opportunity to learn the imperative for harmonising ecclesiastical practices to cultural dynamics in the changing world is of great impact to my ministerial formation.

Since such learning opportunities builds ground for the clergy to take part in the great commission, it’s my prayer that funds shall be available to assist more learners to be culture - scripture engagers for Christ's church. 

Rev. Fredrick Okoth

M.A. - 2018