New Biblical Research from V.K. McCarty '11


V.K. McCarty, Class of 2011, has had a new biblical commentary piece published in the International Congregational Journal. The article is entitled “Revealing God’s Healing Love: Exploring Hosea 14:1-9,” and according to Editor, Dr. Janet Wootton, McCarty’s piece was the inspiration for her theme of the issue, “God’s Healing Love,” which features reports and articles about the current crisis in Syria. “Hosea is speaking on the threshold of a terrible upheaval in the life of the people of God,” says Wootton, "but, it appears that only he, and few others like him, can see it coming.” Her Editorial goes on to say that in the article, “V.K. McCarty sets the context in the whole book of Hosea, and more broadly in the Hebrew Scriptures, before working through it verse by verse, to bring us a message that is pertinent and hopeful.”

Most of McCarty’s work has been in the area of New Testament and Early Church female characters. Her current research, for example, compares two Greek texts in the Patrologia Graece which contain collections of sayings by the fourth-century Desert Mother, St. Syncletica. This new foray into Old Testament studies was “dedicated with grateful appreciation to Prof. Robert J. Owens, for the right-spirited generosity of his seminary teaching.” The article is published in the 2016 Summer issue of International Congregational Journal Vol. 15:1, and is available online here.