The Wisdom Year - St. Paul's Chatham

In response to the evolving needs of the Church, The General Theological Seminary is building a program of education and formation that integrates the classical theological disciplines with real-world experience and practical ministry skills. After receiving his M.Div. from Princeton Seminary, Christopher McNabb, a postulant from the Diocese of New Jersey, is completing his education and formation with a year of Anglican Studies at General, integrated with a Wisdom Year Pastoral Residency at St. Paul’s Church, Chatham, NJ. McNabb’s life and call are rooted in his commitment to embrace the love, compassion, and forgiveness Jesus modeled for us. He sees his residency at St. Paul’s as an opportunity to practice and celebrate with a vibrant community “awake to the suffering of the world.” They're active members of Newark Shared Ministry, which just launched a high school equivalency tutoring program. They also visit immigration detention centers and partner with the Diocese of Newark's prison ministry program.

Above and beyond the financial benefits, McNabb is grateful for the Wisdom Year, because he's growing in his love for parish ministry. He credits St. Paul’s with a beautiful liturgy, a quality music program, outstanding pastoral care, and fun fellowship all while taking the Presiding Bishop's pledge seriously: “to transform the world from the nightmare it often is into the dream God intends for us all.’’   “St. Paul's is awake and dreaming,” says McNabb. “It’s a great blessing to serve this parish under the leadership of the Rev. Mary Davis: she has shown me how to create a strong and healthy spiritual community—which so many people hunger for.”