Alumni News from Donn Mitchell '91


Donn Mitchell, Class of 1991, taught a course in the January term at Princeton Theological Seminary which involved students in a class project to assess how the New York Times covered The Episcopal Church in the 20th century. The project unearthed thousands of articles and has the potential to serve as a database for religious and social historians. The group was impressed by the thoroughness of the Times coverage as well as the length of time it took for some issues to work their way through the councils of the church. Remarriage of divorced persons, for instance, appears as a concern in 1900 and is not finally resolved until 1973. A similar timeline concerned the right of women to vote and to serve on church councils.  Several possibilities for articles and other outputs are under consideration. Mitchell has also been invited to present a paper on conscience in the Anglican tradition at Gladstone’s Library in the U.K. in July.