IN MEMORIAM: Gavin White '67


The Rev. Gavin D. White, Class of 1967, died peacefully at Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy, Scotland on Christmas Eve 2016. The funeral service was held in All Saints’ Scottish Episcopal Church, St. Andrews, on January 20. The following obituary is adapted from one White wrote for himself in 2002: Born April 6, 1927 in Montreal, White was the son of a Canadian army brigadier, and on both sides of railway stock. In 1941 the family moved to Hamilton, Ontario. After the war, he returned to Montreal, where he attended McGill University for one year. He then spent a year in a Toronto sales office, where he learned much and enjoyed much—before finishing his degree in Toronto. His next move was to the Arctic for two years on weather stations, followed by a theological college in England.

After Ordination, he returned to Canada and served two and a half years as a curate in Quebec City, and later in Tanganyika, where he met Robin, whom he married in 1963. By then he was teaching at a theological college in Kenya, and they remained there until the end of 1966, when he came to New York and studied at The General Theological Seminary, followed by more study for a Ph.D. in London.

White then moved to Glasgow as a temporary lecturer in church history. He ended up staying at that job until retirement 22 years later. After retirement he and Robin settled in St. Andrews, from where his grandfather had emigrated to Canada.

White is survived by his wife, Robin, still living in St. Andrew's in Fife, and by three children and six grandchildren. Rehema lives a few miles away, and has two ten-year-old twin boys, Ronan and Atholl; Peter lives in Edinburgh and has a seven-year-old daughter, Amy; and Stephen lives in Belgium and has three boys, Callum, Cameron, and Alasdair, aged 15, 12 and seven.