A New Call for Jim Miller ‘15


The Rev. James Miller, Class of 2015, has been called by the Lutheran Parish of Northern Dutchess (ELCA, Metro New York Synod) to be their pastor. The parish consists of Memorial Lutheran Church in Rock City, Third Lutheran Church in Rhinebeck, and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Red Hook. Miller has been serving as their circuit preacher since September of 2016, leading worship at each church every Sunday and will now assume full-time ministry for the parish effective April 1. St. Paul’s is of note in celebrating its 300th anniversary in 2015 and was the home of Justus Falckner, the first Lutheran pastor ordained in North America.

While at General, Miller won the McVicar award for Greek studies twice, the Robert C. Dentan award for Old Testament studies, and the George Cabot award for the reading of the Bible and service to the Church. He was President of the Community Council from 2013-2014. Upon graduation, Jim served his internship at United Lutheran Church/The Wartburg in Mt. Vernon, NY and did post-graduate studies at Lutheran Seminary at Philadelphia.