A New Book from James Reho '08


The Rev. Dr. James H. Reho, Class of 2008, has authored Tantric Jesus: The Erotic Heart of Early Christianity, published by Destiny Books, and now available from Amazon.com. Reho is a long-time student and practitioner of spiritual wisdom, and has been initiated into multiple spiritual lineages of both East and West. Before receiving his M.Div. from General and being ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church, he earned degrees in Asian Studies and Philosophy as well as Chemistry and Mathematics, and a PhD in Chemistry from Princeton University. He is also a Yoga Alliance-certified yoga instructor and has much experience in kirtan and interspirituality. His interests range from tantra to deep ecology to Celtic Christianity.

Tantric Jesus blends Reho’s deep knowledge of tantra and Christian spirituality and his years of teaching meditation and spiritual practices in group settings. It sheds new light onto the Christian path of transformation through insights from Eastern Tantric wisdom, as well as his personal experiences, with positive and practical insights and exercises designed for both the general reader and the serious seeker. Offering a new understanding of Jesus as guru and master of left-handed Tantra, Reho reframes the Christian story and restores to modern Christianity the tantric wisdom practices that were edited out of church tradition or simply forgotten over the centuries. These practices and perspectives highlight the sacredness of the earth, the holiness of the body, the importance of the divine feminine, and the centrality of eros for the early church in the process of divinization.

Reho was Chaplain and Director of Pastoral Care, Deployment, and Formation at General from 2011 – 2013. He currently lives in Southwest Florida with his wife Carolanne, where he is the rector of a local inclusive and progressive Lutheran-Episcopal church (www.lambofgodchurch.net). A writer, teacher, and practiced spiritual director, Reho offers retreats and workshops in both secular and religious venues in the areas of interspirituality, spiritual practice, ecological awakening, and mysticism. For more information visit his website: http://jamesreho.org/