General at CEEP

On Thursday, February 22, Dr. Michael DeLashmutt, Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs, and Associate Professor of Sacred Theology will lead a luncheon discussion on "An Anglican Theology of Formation" at the Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes (CEEP).

Dr. DeLashmutt's remarks will present an outline for what he is calling "an Anglican Theology of Formation." As followers in the way of Jesus, all of us are on a formational journey. One of our jobs as leaders in the church is to develop strategies for effectively supporting the vocational and formational development of all of God's people. 

Dr. DeLashmutt is an interdisciplinary theologian whose research and teaching explores the interface between the beliefs and practices of Christian faith and everyday life.  He has published and presented on topics as diverse as contemporary Anglican approaches to environmentalism, 16th century Lutheran liturgical art, inculturation among online multi-site churches and the application of Paul Ricoeur's 'narrative identity' within the context of theological anthropology.  As an internationally recognized leader in theological education, Dr. DeLashmutt has spent much of his career working with institutions and faculties to develop effective strategies for educating and forming people for vocations of service and leadership in the church and the world.