Practical Theology Professor Receives Receives Top Church Research Fellowship

General is pleased to share that the Rev. Emily Wachner, Asst. Professor of Practical Theology has been awarded a Church Management Research Fellowship from Villanova University.  The fellowship, competition for which is quite competitive, takes place across two residential sessions at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, one in summer 2018 and one in summer 2019.  It also includes a generous stipend.  Wachner will spend the spring months honing her research proposal, and then connect in June with a team of Research Advisers who will help guide her work during the year before the 2019 session.

Established in 2004, Villanova’s Center for the Study of Church Management exists as a department under their business school, focusing specifically on administration and resource management––both human and financial––within the church and its institutions.  While the center offers a Master of Science degree in church management, it also runs numerous research programs (including this fellowship), both in the classroom and online, in an effort to make its resources available to a wide range of individuals.  According to Villanova, the center focuses most on the tangible aspects of church management, to “emphasize the practical, everyday management issues that church managers at all levels face regularly.”