South Africa Travel Seminar with the Rev. Dr. Michael Battle

Members of the General community journeyed in January to South Africa for a ten day experience as part of the Travel Seminar program.  Twice a year, General sends groups to South Africa and to the Holy Land for an educational experience that can only be had on the ground of these unique locations.  The South Africa seminar, led by Prof. Michael Battle, focuses on the history and legacy of Archbishop Desmond Tutu,  who is best known for his profound post-apartheid work with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).  Battle describes the TRC as “one of the best political experiments, to bring a nation at war to a place of stability,” and, together with partners in Cape Town and Tutu himself, guided seminar participants in an exploration of South Africa’s particular relationship between Christian spirituality and justice.  By working with local parishes and seeing firsthand how these African Anglican communities confront political issues, participants were able to experience models of ecclesiastical leadership that, in being specifically un-American, open doors to new ways of thinking about justice and the church.  “It’s the experience of a lifetime,” said Chris Lee, who joined the seminar this January.  “Do whatever you have to do to get there.”