Los Angeles Parish Bids Farewell to Bishop Cathy Roskam ’84

The Wilshire Center parish of St. James' in-the-City, Los Angeles, will on April 8, 2018 bid farewell to the Rt. Rev. Catherine Roskam, Class of 1984, who has served the congregation as bishop-in-residence since July 2014. St. James' parish leadership expects to announce the call of a new rector in the near future.

A native New Yorker, Bishop Roskam served since 1996 as bishop suffragan of the Diocese of New York until her retirement in 2012. After retirement she moved to the Diocese of Los Angeles where she frequently assisted with pastoral visits.

Roskam graduated as a theatre major from Middlebury College in 1965, and worked as an actress and producer in New York for 16 years, until she began her studies at General in 1980, graduating cum laude in 1984. Long active in cross-cultural ministry, Roskam was a member of the Anglican Consultative Council for nine years and on Executive Council for a six-year term. She is also a former member of General’s Board of Trustees.

Before her election to the episcopate Roskam served congregations in San Francisco and Mill Valley, Calif. Roskam's tenure at St. James' is especially appreciated for her bridge-building skill among cultural groups within the parish, one of the most diverse within the Diocese of Los Angeles.