Peter-Ben Smit ’11 Offers Old Catholic Theology in Utrecht


The Rev. Dr. Peter-Ben Smit, Class of 2011, will once again offer his popular summer school in Old Catholic Theology in its Ecumenical Context, from July 7-12. Taught in the beautiful medieval city of Utrecht, Amsterdam, students will study with the faculty of the Old Catholic Seminary based there.

Many Episcopal theologians already benefited from the course, which offers a concise introduction to the theology, history, and spirituality of the Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht. The course includes excursions to an Old Catholic parish, to the Catharijneconvent, the main Dutch museum of religious art, and through the city of Utrecht itself. For more information, go to the Utrecht Summer School website here,  or contact the course director, Smit directly at ( University and permanent education credits can be earned through this course.

Smit is Professor of Contextual Biblical Interpretation at Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam), Professor by special appointment of Ancient Catholic Church Structures at Utrecht University, Professor (ao.) for Systematic and Ecumenical Theology faculty of Theology University of Bern and a research associate in the Department of Theology of the University of Pretoria. His scholarly work includes the recently published Parrhesia: Ancient and Modern Perspectives on Freedom of Speech with Eva van Urk.

Click here for a pdf with all the course information.