Tobias Haller ’97 Curates Episcopal Church and Visual Arts Exhibit


The Rev. Tobias S. Haller, BSG, Class of 1997, served as curator for the latest exhibit of Episcopal Church and the Visual Arts, Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness, now live at the ECVA website.

The virtual Museum consists of five Galleries, each with seven images. The Gallery themes are Nature, Incarnation. Church, Sacraments, and Mission. “Worship of God takes many forms,” Haller shares in his Curator’s statement. “Much is verbal, but the words of worship are often accompanied by a humble sense of their inadequacy to comprehend the incomprehensible greatness of God.” “In this exhibit,” he explains, “visual artists have found ways to “incarnate” their visions in dialogue with the texts from the Book of Common Prayer, the Bible, and the Hymnal — as a visual “Museum of Common Prayer” to accompany those venerable words: the beauty of holiness mirrored in the holiness of beauty, the union of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful as a pointer towards the ineffable and inexpressible that is beyond our grasp — but as close as every breath we take.”

Haller retired after 16 years as Vicar at St James Fordham (Bronx NY). While in New York he served in diocesan leadership, at General Convention, and on the Anglican Communion Indaba Reference Group. Now living in Baltimore, he continues to supply and is an associate at Church of the Advent. He is a member of the Brotherhood of Saint Gregory, and a Commander of the Order of St John. He is an iconographer, visual artist, and musician. His publications include The Episcopal Handbook Revised (Church Publishing 2015) and Preparing for a Wedding in the Episcopal Church (Church Publishing 2017)Re-membering God: Human Hope and Divine Desire, also from Church Publishing, appears this spring; it includes chapters on liturgy, art, music, and architecture as human articulations of the Godward quest.

Click here to view the Gallery and learn more about the Episcopal Church & Visual Arts.