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Opportunities to Meet Professor Candidates

Three candidates to be our new Church History professor will visit GTS in the coming weeks and you have an opportunity to meet them. Each will give a lecture on a Friday morning and will follow with lunch with students - you and your classmates.  Please take this opportunity to show these candidates that we have a vibrant and interested community of learners here at General.

Friday - 30 November 10:30 am - Lecture by Dr. Andrew Irving, Seabury Auditorium 12:30 pm - Lunch with Andrew Irving - get your lunch from the Refectory or bring your lunch and join us in Mathews Room downstairs.

Friday - 7 December 10:30 am - Lecture by Dr. Alison Beech 12:30 pm - Lunch with Alison Beech - get your lunch from the Refectory or bring your lunch and join us in Mathews Room downstairs.

Friday - 14 December 10:30 am - Lecture by Dr. Alexander Hwang 12:30 pm - Lunch with Alexander Hwang - get your lunch from the Refectory or bring your lunch and join us in Mathews Room downstairs.

FAR and Wide Scholarship Opportunity for 2013

Dear Students,

Please see the enclosed pdf page for information on how YOU could be the 2013 GTS FAR and Wide scholar and have your expenses paid for a trip of learning, serving, and praying together with Anglicans around the world.  This year's trip will be to El Salvador, under the mentorship of Noah Bullock of Fundacion Cristosal, including time with Bishop Barahona of El Salvador, who received an honorary doctorate from GTS this past year.

Essays are due December 3rd (essay instructions are in the attachment).  For more information on Fundacion Cristosal, please see the trifold pamphlet pinned on the bulletin board in the mail room.



GOE Prep Session Schedule

General Ordination Examinations (GOE) prep sessions have been scheduled.  All persons taking the GOE this winter should attend these prep sessions.  Note also that the sessions will also be available after the scheduled date via video on the website:

Date:                   Time:                         Location:                      Lecture:

Oct. 17                11:00am                    Seabury Aud.               Mullin– Church History

Oct. 24               11:00am                     Seabury Aud.               Neville– Church History

Nov. 7                 11:00am                    Seabury Aud.               Moore- Liturgics

Nov. 9                   3:30pm                    Sherred 1A                   Shaner/Good– NT

Nov. 28               11:00am                    Seabury Aud.               Lamborn- Ministry

Dec. 5                  11:00am                   Seabury Aud.               Carnley-Christian Theology

Dec. 7                  10:30am                   Seabury Aud.               McPherson- GOE overview

Dec. 7                    1:30pm                   Seabury Aud.               Owens– OT

There will be a few additional lectures to add to the schedule at a later date.

The lectures hope to give students an insight to the GOE subjects of:

  • (1)     The Holy Scriptures
  • (2)     Church History, including the Ecumenical Movement
  • (3)     Christian Theology, including Missionary Theology and Missiology
  • (4)     Christian Ethics and Moral Theology
  • (5)     Studies in Contemporary Society, including Racial and Minority Groups
  • (6)     Liturgics and Church Music
  • (7)     Theory and Practice of Ministry

Seminarian Leadership Conference held at VTS

The 2012 Seminarian Leadership Conference was held at Virginia Theological Seminary in the third week of September - .

This is an annual conference that brings seminarians from the various Episcopal seminaries together for fellowship and for the exchange of general information.  This year, GTS was respresented by Stefanie Wilson (Senior Class ref) and Anne Nicholson (Middler Class rep).  They presented a Seminarian Leadership Conference Report 2012

Next Spring, the Junior Class will elect someone to represent their class at the 2013 conference (as a Middler) and the 2014 conference (as a Senior).

Michaelmas 2012 Module-2 Classes begin Week of 22 October

The Michaelmas 2012 Module-2 (m-2) classes begin the week of Monday, October 22nd. Each is a six-week course.

PT11: Change and Conflict Management in the Church, taught by C.K. Robertson, starts on October 22nd at 6:30 p.m.

CS100: Shepherding Transformation: Leadership for Change, taught by President Lowrey, starts on October 23rd at 1:30 p.m.

Random Acts of Floral Kindness

Many folks have noticed the five pots of flowers positioned around the Close.  These are the gifts of several students who have offered their pocket change, time, and talents to make the Close more enjoyable, and you too can share your gifts!  There are several empty pots around the Close and in the basements beneath the Tower and Edson.  It's mum season, and surprisingly Ha Ha Fresh's mums are priced relatively reasonably.  In a few months pansies will be all the rage (one of the only naturally blue flowers!) and they should last well into the winter.While the long-term plan calls for new landscaping of the Close, student and resident stewardship - by the community for the good of the community - begins today.