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Shake Hands with Biblical Hebrew

Shake Hands with Biblical Hebrew:
A One-Day Seminar with Prof. Robert Owens

Thursday, May 30, 10:00am to 4:00pm 

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Hebrew Biblical Text 

Many students of the Bible would like to know something about the Hebrew language of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, yet will never have opportunity to take a proper class. They might include adults who participate in Bible study in their local parishes, busy clergy who did not study Hebrew during seminary, college students who are studying ancient world history, and people interested in learning about a language that has shaped a religion both ancient and contemporary.

Taught by the Rev. Dr. Robert J. Owens, Professor of Old Testament at General Seminary, this one-day seminar will provide a very basic acquaintance with the Hebrew language. 

What is the Hebrew script and how does it work? How did Hebrew come into existence? What connections does it have to Arabic, Aramaic, Egyptian, and other near-by ancient languages? How do nouns and verbs work in Hebrew, and why is it said that Hebrew verbs have no tenses?  

What kind of insights can one get from reading the Old Testament in Hebrew instead of in English? When should one NOT believe a biblical commentary?

In exploring these questions, we will look at a number of Hebrew manuscripts.

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