Translucent: Spiritual Care for Trans* Families (WORKSHOP or INTENSIVE)


Translucent: Spiritual Care for Trans* Families (WORKSHOP or INTENSIVE)

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Translucent is a two day conference designed to enlighten and educate clergy and seminarians about the pastoral, spiritual, and liturgical needs of transgender individuals and their families. Speakers include theologians, psychologists, artists, activists, and parents who will offer practical tools, professional expertise, and personal wisdom to those who wish to grow in understanding both as caregivers and advocates for the justice, dignity, and safety of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters.

Registration available for:

  • One-day workshop on Friday, October 26, from 9:45 am - 5 pm (registration opens at 9 am). Lunch is provided.

  • Two day conference consisting of Friday’s workshop and Saturday, October 27 class from 9:30 am - 4:30 pm. Participants may choose to audit or receive 1 academic credit.

Conference led by The Rev. Dr. April Stace.

Note: Alumni discount does not apply to Workshop Only enrollment.

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