Students gather with the Academic Dean at General Seminary for coffee and pastries

Education and Formation for the whole people of God.

Mission and Strategic Vision

Adopted in 1999 and reaffirmed in 2015, our Mission Statement reflects the Seminary's commitment to education and formation for the whole people of God:

Educating and Forming Lay and Ordained leaders for the church in a changing world.

As we live out this mission, we seek to be and to become a community for whom ongoing and deepening conversion to new life in Christ is a constant goal. Our purpose is to invite and call others to that life of conversion by our own understanding of the Christian faith — biblical, historical and theological — and our ability to reflect on that faith.

Candles are lit and places in the windows before a ceremony at The General Theological Seminary

The General Theological Seminary accomplishes it's mission and vision by:

  • Forming a liturgical and spiritual life that is integrated into the whole of our being;
  • Developing educational and hermeneutical skills;
  • Developing sensitivity and skills for pastoral ministry in routine and crisis situations;
  • Committing ourselves to social justice;
  • Understanding our involvement in an urban and global world where uncertainty and ambiguity will be the context for our mission.

The viability of our mission depends on:

  • Financial Sustainability
  • Missional Sustainability
  • Cultural Sustainability
Preparing for worship in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd at General Seminary

Four Strategic Pillars

  • Refine ordination-track programs to respond to the changing needs of the church and the world.
  • Develop vocationally-focused degree and certificate programs useful to the wider church and the world.
  • Seek out and embrace mutually beneficial partnerships and affiliations of all types.
  • Engage in a capital campaign for the preservation of the Chapel of the Good Shepherd as well as initiatives to endow scholarships, programs and faculty positions.