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The Rev. Andrew G. Kadel

The Rev. Andrew G. Kadel
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The Rev. Andrew G. Kadel
Office:The Keller Library

A.B., Oberlin College 
M.Div., Church Divinity School of the Pacific  
M.L.S., Rutgers University

The Rev. Andrew Kadel  has been a priest for over thirty years and a theological librarian for over twenty years.   Before coming to GTS, Fr. Kadel was a librarian on the staff of the Burke Library of Union Theological Seminary and the Director of the Library at Wesley Theological Seminary.  His research and publications are about connecting people with theological resources, including his book: Matrology: a Bibliography of Writings by Christian Women from the First to the Fifteenth Centuries.
Fr. Kadel is active as a priest in the Diocese of New York, frequently preaching and celebrating the Eucharist in its parishes.   He is also a musician, frequently participating in choral and vocal performances.
curriculum vitae (last updated 7-14)

440 West 21st Street, New York City, NY 10011   |   tel (212) 243-5150  fax (212) 727-3907

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