Tutu Travel Seminar


To register for the course, please visit: www.generallearners.com and register there for a travel course (i.e. pay the $500 deposit). Fill out the information necessary for payment and include the South African Travel Seminar as you check out of the electronic shopping cart (write this in the comment section). The GTS Registrar will email you information regarding final payment and academic course credits. If you have any questions, please email: registrar@gts.edu.

Archbishop Tutu's Legacy

1. A theology of Ubuntu

2. Restorative Justice

3. Spirituality & Justice

4. Interreligious Dialogue

Desired Outcome

Deeper knowledge and experience of Archbishop Desmond Tutu's legacy so as to celebrate how the church can be part of the solution rather than purveyor of the problem. 

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Level 1 training will be held at General Theological Seminary, June 11 - 15, 2018. This training will help prepare you to participate in a Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Atrium either with the atrium at General Seminary or perhaps in a future parish ministry.

Several seminarians are taking the Level 1 Catechesis of the Good Shepherd this June. Come join us and learn more about this wonderful children's program.  Even if you never work in an atrium, this training experience is like a retreat -- refreshing, thoughtful and rich with theological content and conversation. 

If you are interested, please contact the instructor, or anyone from the Good Shepherd Atrium. The cost is $250 for members of the General Seminary community.  

The Rev. Valerie Bailey Fischer

Th.D Student

General Theological Seminary



Community Cookout

Join us for a Community Cookout honoring our graduates on May 11 at 5:00 pm. Burgers, hot dogs, vegetarian options, and sides will be served on the patio. Refreshing beverages and live music will be provided. This is the perfect time to unwind after finals and spend some time with friends before they head on to other places.

Incarnation Center Spiritual Life Coordinator

Incarnation Camp and Conference Center

Spiritual Life Coordinator (Summer)

 Incarnation Center is a camp and conference center located in Connecticut’s shoreline region (about 2 hours from NYC and Boston). Established in 1886 by the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation, Incarnation Camp is the longest running co-ed summer camp in the US. Today Incarnation is home to a variety of summer and year-round programs, including: overnight summer camps, day summer camps, a nature center, a retreat center, ropes course, working farm, after-school programs and community-oriented outdoor skills workshops.

Mission: Individual growth, discovery of life and renewal of faith are at the heart of Incarnation Center, a ministry of the Episcopal Church. We welcome all to our conference, retreat, camp and nature center programs and facilities in a beautiful environment where people, ideas and spirit flourish.

Incarnation Camp seeks a Spiritual Life Coordinator to join our team for the summer of 2018. The SLC will work closely with the Center’s chaplain to facilitate spiritual life for Incarnation’s campers and young adult staff members.  This is a great opportunity for someone currently enrolled in an MDiv program (or equivalent/ recent graduate/ discerning seminary education). Incarnation will work with the student and their school to coordinate academic credit, if possible.


•            Working with the Center’s Chaplain to coordinate spiritual life for the Camp’s various programs

•            Working with camper units to organize camper-led chapel for Sunday evenings

•            Pastoral care for campers and camp staff as needed

•            Coordinating spiritual offerings for summer camp staff

•            Other responsibilities/ learning opportunities as identified in learning agreement



•            Passion for working with and teaching children and young adults in the outdoors

•            Experience teaching Religious Education in a diverse setting

•            Willingness to be open to other people’s beliefs and worshipping styles

•            Enthusiasm, sense of humor, willingness to act goofy, patience and adaptability

•            Experience working in a summer camp setting a plus! General comfort level working/ camping outdoors

•            Currently enrolled in an M.Div. program (or similar/ recent graduate/ discerning seminary)

•            Passion for camping, outdoor ministry and working with youth



•            Summer stipend

•            Paid Training (CPR, Wilderness First Aid, Life guard)

•            Room and board provided

•            Ability to take part in extended wilderness adventures (hiking on the Appalachian Trail, Canoeing on the CT River, biking up the New England coast, etc.)

•            Access to 740 acres of property and mile-long, private lake

•            Work in a dynamic and exciting environment with staff from all over the world

Dates: June 18- August 18, 2018 (approx.). Please submit resume and letter of interest to Dana: dstivers@incarnationcenter.org. Questions? Call Dana, (860) 767-0848 ext. 106

Extemporaneous Preaching Contest

You are invited to participate in this year's 'Extemporaneous Preaching' competition.  The competition will be held on Friday April 27th from 1:30-5:00 in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd.  Instructions are as follows:

*  Contestants will arrive to the Chapel at their designated times (click here to signup).

* You will collect a mystery text sealed in an addressed envelope.

* You will have 30 minutes to prepare a 5-10 minute sermon.

* At the time assigned, you will deliver your 5-10 minute sermon in the Chapel.  

Dean Michael will serve as your adjudicator and will award points on content, delivery and creativity (no puppets, please).   

The contestant who delivers what is deemed by Dean Michael to be the best extemporaneous sermon will win a $200 prize!!!!

   To participate, please sign up on this Google Sheet by Thursday April 26th at 11:59pm.  

Good luck!  

The 13th Annual Meeting of The Comparative & Continental Philosophy Circle


April 5 – April 7, 2018
Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom

Sponsored by The College of Liberal Arts, Bath Spa University and meeting in association with the Fourth Bath Spa Annual Colloquium for Global Philosophy and Religion

Thursday, April 5 

 Opening – 6PM

CCPC Greetings and Announcements

Jason M. Wirth, Seattle University, Co-Executive Director

Michael Schwartz, Augusta University, Co-Executive Director

Andrew Whitehead, Kennesaw State University, Associate Executive Director

Welcoming from Bath Spa University

Sarah Flavel, Bath Spa University and Member of CCPC Board of Directors

Plenary Presentation

Under the Circumstances, What Are We to Do Now? / Graham Parkes, University of Vienna, Austria; and East China Normal University, People’s Republic of China

Poetry Reading

David Pollard

Followed by RECEPTION

 Friday 8:30-10:am. April 6


I Am Manifestations of Values: Plato’s and Buddhist Recipes for Identity Construction

Presenter: Chiara Robbiano, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Presenter: Shalini Sinha, University of Reading, UK


Non-Dual Philosophy and the Ghost of Realism / Michael Schwartz, Augusta University, USA

“Scale Relative Ontology” and Simone Weil’s Religious Philosophy / Noel E. Boulting, Noboss, UK


Micro and Macro Philosophy / Thorsten Botz-Bornstein, Gulf University, Kuwait

Is Philosophy Western? Critical Reviews of Continental Views / Bret W. Davis, Loyola University Maryland, USA

Friday 10:15-11:45


A New Socratic Dialogue on Making “Nothing” Useful / Yi Chen, Bond University, Australia

and Boris Steipe, University of Toronto, Canada

Sharing and Passage: Nancy and Dōgen / Brian Schroeder, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA


The Mythic Ground of Contemporary Monasticism in Romania / Alina N. Feld, General Theological Seminary and Hofstra University, USA

Can the Gods Return? Taking Polytheism Seriously in Philosophy of Religion / Edward McDougall / Durham University, UK


The Self Without Character: Melville's Confidence Man and Murakami's Kafka on the Shore / Jason Wirth, Seattle University, USA

Recollections of the Good: Socrates in the Wasteland/ Timothy Jussaume, Saint Leo University, USA

LUNCH 11:45-1:30

Friday 1:30-2:30

Plenary Presentation

Interpreting the “Sense” of Music

James Risser, Seattle University, USA

Friday 2:45-4:15


The Rhythmically Open Body, Dynamic Coupling, and the Resonant Mind / Bradley Park, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, USA

Bodies That Matter: Giorgio Agamben and the Politics of Possibility / Walter Brogan, Villanova University, USA


Zhuangzi’s Anti-Imperialism / D. H. B. Kwek, University of Konstanz, Germany

*Peering Beyond the Limit: Indirect Communication and Subversive Critique in Zhuangzi / Joshua Avery Dawson, Loyola Marymount University, USA


Nothing Arcane about “Arcane Learning”: Demystifying Nature via Schelling’s Philosophy of Art (A comparative approach of Classical Chinese philosophy with Schelling) / Jennifer Liu, University of Washington, USA

The Laboratory of Nature: Series and Folds in Schelling’s First Outline of a System of the Philosophy of Nature (1799) / Tilottama Rajan, University of Western Ontario, Canada


Friday 4:30-6


On Becoming a Revolutionary World Subject: Some Foucauldian Remarks on the Writings of Bhagat Singh / Arun Iyer, Indian Institute of Technology, India

Foucault’s Milieu / Steven DeCaroli, Goucher College, USA



Eric S. Nelson’s Chinese and Buddhist Philosophy in early Twentieth-Century German Thought

Chair: David Chai, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Presenter: Patricia Huntington, Arizona State University West, USA

Presenter: Bret W. Davis, Loyola University Maryland, USA

Respondent: Eric S. Nelson, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong


Toward a Fuller Intersubjectivity: ‘We’ in Korean / Hye Young Kim, École Normale Supérieure, France/ Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Friendship in an Unfriendly World / James J. Winchester, Georgia College and State University, USA


Saturday 8:30-10 April 7


A Phenomenology of Walking: Treading Lightly on the Earth / David Wood, Vanderbilt University, USA

On the Way: A Material Phenomenology of the Road /Brian Seitz, Boston College, USA


Buddhism in the Presence of Anger / Sokthan Yeng. Adelphi University, USA

Promethean Shame and Other Purposeful Exaggerations / Timothy H. Engström, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA


Climate Change Panel

Chair: David Jones, Kennessaw State University, USA

Will to Power and Wuwei: Nietzsche, Daoism and the Problem of Climate Change / Timothy J. Freeman, University of Hawaii at Hilo, USA

Klimasophia--A Comparative Approach to Climate Change and Existentialist Philosophy / Martin Schonfeld, University of South Florida, USA

Saturday 10:15-11:45


Kuleana and Immunity in Hawaiian Ethical Thought / Christopher Lauer, University of Hawaii at Hilo, USA

White Anti-Racism and Buddhist Soteriology: Moral-Phenomenological Reflections / Jessica Locke, Loyola University Maryland, USA


David Jones' The Fractal Self

Moderator: Jason Wirth, Seattle University, USA

Presenter: Timothy H. Engström, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Presenter: Martin Schonfeld, University of South Florida, USA

Respondent: David Jones, Kennessaw State University, USA


“No Gaining Ideas”: (Non) Striving for the Absolute, Romantic Irony and Zen Koans / Karolin Mirzakhan, DePaul University, USA

"Adoro quia ignoro" (I revere because I don't know):  Cusanus, Dōgen, Nishida, and Panikkar / Michiko Yusa, Western Washington University, USA

LUNCH 11:45-1:30

 Saturday 1:30-3


Ricoeur’s Little Ethics and Chinese Philosophy / Joshua Mason / West Chester University of Pennsylvania, USA

St. Paul, Zen Master / Sean J. McGrath, Memorial University, Canada


Blake’s Illustrations to the Book of Job as Commentary / David Pollard

Gadamer, Emerson and Inner and Outer Dialogue / William Konchak, University of Iceland, Iceland


Culture as the Completion of Nature: Fūdo as Philosophical Concept / David W. Johnson, Boston College, USA

Philosophy and Philology - Hermeneutic Mechanism in the Evolution of “Gewu” / Xiao Ouyang, University College Cork, Republic of Ireland


Saturday 3:15-4:45


Love and Compassion: Are They the Same Thing? / Bill Martin, DePaul University, USA

Pleasure (sukha), Bliss (prīti), Rejoicing (muditā):  Varieties of Joy in Indian Buddhist Moral Thought / Stephen Harris, Leiden University, Netherlands


What Does It Really Mean to 'Diversify” Philosophy? A Call for Structural Change / Leah Kalmanson, Drake University, USA

Reluctant Comparativity: Samkara and Owen Barfield in Contemporary Contexts / Martin Ovens, University of Oxford, UK


Phenomenology of Arts and Crafts: East-West Perspectives

The Role of (non-) Space in Sculpture: Heidegger, Daoism, and the Meontological Aesthetic Encounter / David Chai, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Silence and Memorialization: Heidegger, Zen, and the Aesthetics of Language / Patricia Huntington, Arizona State University West, USA

A Daoist Hermeneutic: Zhuangzi and Gadamer on Reading and Listening / Sarah Mattice, University of North Florida, USA

Saturday 5-6:30


Aesthetics of Breathing / Rolf Elberfeld, University in Hildesheim, Germany

[session ends 5:45]


Imagination and Critique: A Cross-Cultural Approach

Presenter: Andrew K. Whitehead, Kennesaw State University, USA

Presenter: Julia Jansen, KU Leuven-University of Leuven, Belgium


On the Impossibility of the Beginning in Hegel’s Science of Logic / Brigita Gelžinytė, Vilnius University, Lithuania |

From Nothing, the World Comes Forth – Originary Thinking as an Auseinandersetzung with the Basho of Nothingness: or Toward A Transcendental-Existential Account of Pure “Religious Ethical Consciousness” in Cassirer, Heidegger, and Nishida / Steve Lofts, King’s University College at Western University, Canada


Unofficial evening GATHERING

Summer School At Utrecht University

I'm happy to announce that there are still places available for the Summer School in Old Catholic Theology: 1-6 July 2018. Theologians, students of theology and ecumenically interested people with other forms of expertise are invited to apply.

The summer school offers you the ideal opportunity to do so: from 1-6 July 2018, in the beautiful Dutch city of Utrecht. Lecturers affiliated with the Old Catholic Seminary in that city, including the Archbishop of Utrecht, Joris Vercammen, will introduce an international group of students to topics such as Old Catholic praxis and spirituality, liturgy, history, theology, ecumenics, and canon law. The course includes a number of excursions.

The course is the perfect introduction to Old Catholicism for ecumenically interested clergy,
The summer school offers you the ideal opportunity to do so: from 1-6 July 2018, in the beautiful Dutch city of Utrecht. Lecturers affiliated with the Old Catholic Seminary in that city, including the Archbishop of Utrecht, Joris Vercammen, will introduce an international group of students to topics such as Old Catholic praxis and spirituality, liturgy, history, theology, ecumenics, and canon law. The course includes a number of excursions.

The course is the perfect introduction to Old Catholicism for ecumenically interested clergy, students of theology, and interested laypersons, as has been the experience of participants since 2011.

For more information, please consult: https://www.utrechtsummerschool.nl/courses/culture/old-catholic-theology-in-its-ecumenical-context or contact the course director, the Rev. Prof. Peter-Ben Smit, p.b.a.smit@uu.nl