Extemporaneous Preaching Contest

You are invited to participate in this year's 'Extemporaneous Preaching' competition.  The competition will be held on Friday April 27th from 1:30-5:00 in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd.  Instructions are as follows:

*  Contestants will arrive to the Chapel at their designated times (click here to signup).

* You will collect a mystery text sealed in an addressed envelope.

* You will have 30 minutes to prepare a 5-10 minute sermon.

* At the time assigned, you will deliver your 5-10 minute sermon in the Chapel.  

Dean Michael will serve as your adjudicator and will award points on content, delivery and creativity (no puppets, please).   

The contestant who delivers what is deemed by Dean Michael to be the best extemporaneous sermon will win a $200 prize!!!!

   To participate, please sign up on this Google Sheet by Thursday April 26th at 11:59pm.  

Good luck!