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International Students

International Students

For information about Visa Application, Estimated Cost of Living, Funding Documents, and More...please click here. 

The Seminary welcomes students from other parts of the world to its degree and non-degree programs. Our purposes are to broaden cross-cultural perspective for ministry and prepare scholars and teachers to be leaders in theological education in their home countries. For the Seminary, the presence of international students enriches theological dialogue and mutual learning in the community. International students may be Anglican or from other churches.

intl students

Normally the first theological degree is received in one's home country, and General is ideal for further non-degree study or for a supplemental or advanced degree. Applications are made in the usual way, except that interviews may be conducted by telephone if necessary. Endorsement by the applicant's bishop or other relevant ecclesiastical authority is important.






Please include the following check list when sending your application to GTS.

___ My application is complete and will arrive before the <<FEB 15>> deadline.
___I do not require Scholarship Aid.
___I will apply for the F1 or J1 Visa if I am accepted to study at General.
___My first language is not English. I have taken both the TOEFL and the ACTFL (two parts) exams on the following date: __/__/____. The results should arrive on about: __/__/____.
___My first language is English.
___If my transcripts are written in a language other than English, they have been translated by the university and are in this package in sealed and signed envelopes.


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