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Requirements & Deadlines

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Requirements & Deadlines

Requirements & Deadlines

1. Submission of application by the appropriate deadline (see Admissions Deadlines).
2. Non-refundable application fee of $75 by check or credit card.
3. The degree of Bachelor of Arts or its equivalent.
4. Completion and submission of the standard application form.
5. An autobiographical statement.
6. Transcripts of all academic work beyond the secondary school level; transcripts must be in English, or with English translation attached.
7. For all international students (from countries where English is not the primary language), evidence of a satisfactory score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
8. Four letters of recommendation--one of them from the applicant's parish priest or pastor (if applicable)--each with the author's signature across the envelope's unbroken seal. Certificate applicants will submit two letters of reference. 
9. Personal interviews at the Seminary, before which a completed application must be submitted to the Admissions office. A telephone or Skype interview may be substituted when the applicant is outside the USA or unable to travel to New York City.
10. Evidence of immunization. If registered for six credits or more, students are required by New York State Law to be immunized against measles, mumps, and rubella. The law applies to all students born on or after January 1, 1957. Students born outside the United States before 1957 must present written proof of immunization. Students must provide written proof of immunization within 30 days of the start of classes. Immunization record forms may be obtained from the Registrar.
11. Evidence of Citizenship. U.S. citizens: submit a copy of your social security card, a copy of the label from your tax return or a copy of your valid passport showing the passport number. Non-citizens (only): submit a copy of your valid passport showing the passport number.
12. An individual whose application has not been accepted may not, for the space of two years, a) reapply, or b) study on a non-degree basis, unless otherwise stated in the letter of non-acceptance.



Master of Divinity (Pre-Ordination)

For applicants who intend to pursue ordination, the Admissions Office is required to obtain an appropriate form of ecclesiastical endorsement. For those in dioceses of the Episcopal Church, this normally means that the applicant is a postulant for holy orders. Where the process toward postulancy is incomplete at the time of application for admission, a letter from the bishop of the diocese, indicating that the applicant is known to him/her, that the canonical process has begun, and, most important, that the bishop concurs with the applicant's desire to proceed toward admission to the Seminary, is generally be received by the Seminary as an appropriate endorsement. Applicants (seeking ordination) from dioceses of the Episcopal Church are urged to be in contact with their bishop and their Commission on Ministry before applying to the Seminary. Applicants from other churches who intend to pursue ordination are asked to provide the Seminary with a form of ecclesiastical endorsement that, in the judgment of the Admissions Committee, is analogous to the requirement for Episcopal students.

Master of Arts

Applicants who desire admission to the Master of Arts Program are asked to provide, in addition to the required autobiography, a statement 2 to 3 pages in length responding to each of the following: A) What, if any, area of concentration do you anticipate pursuing and why? B) What specific educational, vocational and personal purposes do you have for pursuing the M.A. degree, and how are these goals best served by GTS's M.A. program? Your response should answer these questions: 1) If interested in pursuing further academic work, what benefits do you believe this program will provide? 2) If your goals are vocational, how will this degree be beneficial? 3) What are your areas of personal interest, and how does the GTS curriculum meet them? 4) If you seek to enhance a lay or diaconal ministry, what is this work and how will study at GTS benefit it? 

Master of Sacred Theology

Applicants for admission to the S.T.M. program must possess B.A. and M.Div. degrees or the equivalent. The S.T.M. application deadline is February 15. Applicants for the S.T.M. should include among their recommendations two from former instructors who can speak to the applicant's ability to pursue graduate-level work. Applicants should be prepared to answer the following questions about their proposed field of study: 1) What will be your major field of concentration in this program? 2) If you have in mind a possible area for a thesis, please state it. 3) My first language is.... 4) Classical languages I read include... 5) Include a statement of purpose that answers the following question: What vocational and academic aims lead you to apply for advanced study in theology?

Please attach one or more sheets, each
clearly headlined “S.T.M. Statement of Purpose,” giving your response to this question in no more than one thousand words.

Diploma in Anglican Studies

Applicants seeking ordination must have their bishop's approval for study at General prior to beginning their studies.

Certificate in Spiritual Direction / Master of Arts with a concentration in Spiritual Direction / Master of Sacred Theology with a concentration in Spiritual Direction

In the autobiographical statement, please focus on why you feel called to the study of spirituality, and how you anticipate using this formation in your life of faith and ministry. Letters of recommendation for applicants who are members of the clergy should include one from the applicant's bishop or equivalent ecclesiastical authority. Applicants for the S.T.M. in Spiritual Direction should include two recommendations from former instructors who can speak to the applicant's ability to pursue graduate-level work. Personal interviews normally include an interview with the Director of the Center for Christian Spirituality. Students pursuing studies in the Summer or January terms may arrange for telephone interviews when distance precludes an interview at GTS.

Doctor of Theology (Th.D.)
Candidates for admission to the Th.D. program must possess a B.A. and M.Div. or M.A. degrees or the equivalent. The Th.D. application deadline is February 15. Graduate Record Examination scores are required of all ThD applicants. 

ThD Application





program for fall admission program for fall admission for spring admission

June 15

Angl. Studies

June 15

November 15

February 15


June 15

November 15

February 15


June 15

November 15

June 15

"Summers at General" deadline One week before classes begin


Housing Application: Same as Admissions Application
Financial Aid Application: April 15
International Student Application: February 15

Every attempt is made to accommodate prospective students. The General Theological Seminary cannot guarantee acceptance, financial aid, or housing when the above deadlines are not met.

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The General Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church is a tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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