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The links below are for the most commonly used forms and request. For other forms or special requests, please contact the Registrar's Office directly at, or use the ‘LET US HELP’ button below. Hard copies of these forms may be found in the Forms Box outside the Registrar's Office in the Basement of Seabury Hall.


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Job Postings for Graduating Seminarians and Alumni

Seeking a call

Browse the list of posts that have been submitted directly to our office.

You can also browse postings available through the Transition Ministry Conference, Episcopal Digital Network, Church Staffing, and Christian Jobs.

Considering Transition

If you are a member of our alumni community considering a transition, please contact us directly.

We often hear from Rectors or Search Officers with job opportunities they prefer not to post.

If you would like to have a ministry job opening posted internally for our graduating class and/or alumni, lay or ordained, please email a job description (Word or PDF) to Please also let us know the timeline for your discernment process, and if you would be interested in visiting General to conduct interviews, or if you would prefer to be contacted directly by seminarians. Job descriptions will remain on the website for 6 months from the date of receipt and then will be removed. Please email if the position fills before the time has ended so that we can remove the job description, or if you wish for the job description to remain for an additional period of time.


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