PTM 341 Prison Ministry Practicum

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PTM 341 Prison Ministry Practicum

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This course will focus on the practice and reflection model of ministering to incarcerated persons and the family systems involved. This is the second part of the Prison Ministry Course (ET 41, PT 41) of bearing others’ burdens as a necessary part of prison ministry and the reconciliation process. This practicum requires students to make seven visits into
a prison setting utilizing a Bible study or worship service. In addition, students will have five classroom reflection seminars with Prof. Battle and other teachers and leaders in prison ministry. This practicum course follows up on the premise that prison ministry does not happen in the classroom only, but that grace is taught and learned by the active
practice of reconciliation. Such a practice of reconciliation always involves bearing others’ burdens in some respect.

Lastly, this practicum will live into the meaning of a praxis oriented course by inviting leaders in the field of prison ministry to join us in our reflection seminars. These will be leaders who have spent a significant part of their lives entering the suffering of others and bearing others’ burdens.

Prerequisite:  PTM 41, ET 41, or permission of professor.

The Rev. Dr. Michael Battle.  3 credits.

Spring (Easter) Term.  January 23 - May 11, 2018.

Tuesdays, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm and as scheduled by professor.  Seven prison visits per term are required.

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