Welcome Home to the Close

The General Theological Seminary believes academics, worship, and life in community are inseparable elements in the process of formation for ministry in Christ's church, whether lay or ordained. Nowhere in the world will you find an environment better suited for this than the “Close” at General Seminary.


Are you interested in visiting the Close at General?


A Beautiful Oasis

Located on the west side of Manhattan in New York City, the General Theological Seminary is frequently noted for the beauty of the gardens on its campus, called the Close. The seminary's Close is surrounded by a row of neo-Gothic buildings and tree-shaded lawns uncharacteristic of its urban setting. Here, students and faculty live together in community — a highlight of the formational experience that General Seminary offers.


In the Heart of the City

Complimenting the beauty of the Close is its location. Being in the heart of the city allows you the opportunity to go out and engage in anything that New York City has to offer, and then return home to the Close where you'll feel at peace and ready to relax, study, learn and live in community.